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7th International Congress of Clinical Psychology

Συνέδρια / Ημερίδες
Τελευταία Ημερομηνία
16 Νοέμβριος 2014
Σεβίλλη, Σεβίλη, Ισπανία

7th International Congress of
Clinical Psychology to be held in Seville, (Spain) from November 14 to
16, 2014.

The most prominent speakers in previous years have been Suzanne
Bennett Johnson and Merry Bullock (American Psychological Association,
APA), Michael Eysenck (Emeritus Professor of Psychology Royal
Holloway, University of London), Stephen Haynes (Emeritus Professor of
Psychology at the University of Hawaii, USA) and Geoffrey M. Reed
(World Health Organization, WHO). Can see the scientific program of
the two previous congress in:

In the previous edition of the congress included more than 65
sponsorship, and attended by speakers from over 24 countries
worldwide. For this 7th edition we would like Association of Greek
Psychologists which you chair to be sponsorship.

Their collaboration would be to give the widest possible dissemination
of Congress among its members (and include the information of congress
in their web) so that your members can attend and participate.
Sponsorship provides member of your organization with the following

1) A reduced registration fee. In the near future you will be informed
about the fees.
2) The Association which you chair appears as sponsor of the congress
in our website and posters.

For this event we would like to organize an invited symposium 60
minutes, with an applied theme focusing on any topic related to
Clinical Psychology.

Please be aware that the congress organizers can ONLY cover
registration fees from you as organizer/coordinator of the symposium.
We are unable to provide financial support to all participants in the

Each invited symposium will last 60 minutes and will consist of three
20-minute oral presentations and a subsequent debate of 30 minutes
duration. The Coordinator has the option to be one of the presenters,
but he/she will be responsible for presiding over the symposium,
introducing participants, and timing of presentations. IMPORTANT:
Each of the three-20 minutes oral presentations may have more than one
author, but at least one of them must register for the Congress.

You must confirm the acceptance or rejection of their association to
collaborate (we request to send us the logo) and the interest in
organizing the symposium before next February 17, 2014.

Learn more about Seville by watching this videos:


Gualberto Buela Casal, PhD.
President Scientific Committee
7th Congress International Clinical Psychology


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