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EFPA is the leading Federation of National Psychology Associations.

It provides a forum for European cooperation in a wide range of fields of academic training, research and psychology practice.

1. About EFPA

The European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations (EFPA) was founded in Germany in 1981 when representatives of 12 national psychology associations signed the Statutes. The General Assembly (G.A.) was held in Heidelberg in 1981. Since that time General Assemblies have been held every two years.

The EFPA General Assembly is now held in conjunction with the biennial European Congress of Psychology. At the occasion of the European Congress of Psychology EFPA awards the Aristotle Prize to outstanding psychologists in Europe .

There are 31 members associations of EFPA representing about 180.000 psychologists. The Member Organisations of EFPA are concerned with promoting and improving psychology aw a profession and aw a discipline, particularly, though not exclusively, in applied settings and with emphasis on the training and research associated with such practice.

2. Policy Statement

At the moment the most important goal of EFPA is to develop a European Diploma in Psychology (EDP) in order to promote better mobility and quality of psychological services in Europe .

EFPA aims

· to promote communication and cooperation between members associations in Europe , and to contribute to their development.

· to further the establishment of ethical codes of practice for psychologists, and to promote the application of psychology as a means of improving the well-being of those to whom psychologists offer services.

· to promote the furtherance of psychology and its application, with particular reference to professional training and the professional status of psychologists.

· to support the interests of psychology and its applications concerned with specifying requirements for the professional practice of psychology.

· to promote the development of professional of psychology in all its different areas and subject matters and, as appropriate, to assist in the co-ordination of this activity.


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