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Επείγον μήνυμα από τους συναδέλφους μας Τούρκους Ψυχολόγους προς την EFPA και τους Ψυχολόγους των Ευρωπαϊκών χωρών

EFPA EMC 5/2017 : Urgent message from our Turkish colleagues: Call for support

Dear colleagues,

The situation with the academics in Turkey has been deteriorating.  It seems that every day a new attack is made on academic freedom.

You might remember that we had already expressed solidarity with our Turkish colleagues and also had a President's Council Meeting in Istanbul in May 2016.

At that time we had a presentation about the situation in Turkey, and we understood that the situation was very severe.

Our colleague and president of the Turkish Psychological Association, Prof. Gonca Soygut asks us for support in the letter that I enclose.

I urge you to provide all the support that you can to our colleagues, in different ways, such as research grants and funds, short-term work opportunities,  and by disseminating the news about the state of emergency and its consequences.

We must stand together in these difficult times; our Turkish colleagues need us.

Telmo Mourinho Baptista


2017 Feb TPA call for support (pdf)

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